Purchasing a Modern Dog Fence

The biggest responsibility of taking care of a dog is sheltering it from stumbling into harm’s way. This is accomplished by restricting a dog’s movement to safe places where they are unlikely to get into a mishap. Otherwise, a dog’s curiosity is likely to place it in a dangerous place or situation. Even well trained dogs are sometimes goaded into doing something improper like sprinting across a road to chase after a speedy rabbit. It is for this reason that purchasing a dog fence is necessary to ensure your dog’s well-being and safety.
Wooden fences have traditionally been used to contain overactive dogs from running off into nowhere. The problem with this is that it lends a dog the opportunity to dig himself out of confinement. Really large dogs might even try to jump the fence altogether. To circumvent this annoying problem, several innovative solutions have been developed. One of the most prominent of these is the electric fence.

Electric fences rely on buried wire around your home to serve as a dog monitor. As your dog approaches the wire’s perimeter, they are suddenly zapped with an electronic shock that signals him or her to immediately turn around. Electric fences do require training from a professional though. Otherwise, an extremely large dog may just ignore the shock and keep on going about his business. When you purchase an electric fence, a professional trainer will typically come to your home and condition your dog to react to the signals appropriately.

Some of the more popular electric fence brands include:

Invisible Fence

Invisible Fence offers both indoor and outdoor pet confinement. They come out to your home, conduct a free consultation, and then perform a professional installation. Surveillance transmitters are installed in various spots in your home, and then in a square perimeter around your home. Whenever your dog approaches a spot inside (e.g. your bed), it is shocked and sent away. The same goes for the outside of your home. Unfortunately, Invisible fence does not offer professional training. But they do sell a ‘Pet Training Protocol’ solution that comes with a remote control and instructions on how to train your dog. The training solution is sold separately from the fence.

Pet Stop

This company provides customizable indoor and outdoor solutions. Collars, transmitters, and batteries are all sold separately, but can be tailored into discounted packages depending on the dealer. They also offer free one-day professional training. Afterwards, you are given instructions on how to continue the training. If you encounter any problems though, you are allowed continued access to their trainers.

Invisible Electric Dog Fence

This company provides no consultation or installation. However, a fence can be obtained at a relatively inexpensive price (compared to competitors). They offer both outside and indoor electronic fences.

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Why Should You Buy a Dog Enclosure When You Get a New Puppy?

The day you get a new puppy, you need to get ready for all the naughty wiggles he does around the home. All of his wiggles seem funny in the starting and you enjoy getting around him. As he will start tearing the cushions, scratching screens, and breaking decorative stuffs, you will get worried. Yes, puppies can learn many good things from the early age like human kids, but they cannot learn everything. They will take time to know what they should do and what they should strictly avoid. Till that time you can keep your puppy and home safe in a dog enclosure.

What is a dog enclosure?

A dog enclosure is a small and portable cage in which you can contain your puppy while you are busy with other works. The puppy enclosure can be available in various sizes and it can be very helpful for you, especially if you want to protect the precious things in your home from the pointy nails of your puppy. This spacious enclosure can also be helpful while you take your dog on a trip. It will be a safe house for your puppy because you can keep him inside this enclosure while you are driving or going outside.

It is the best choice for campers:

Are you one of those people, who go out for camping a lot? You need a portable dog fence for camping, if you enjoy camping quite often. Of course, you would like to set your puppy free around the camp, but not for a long time. You may get busy in hiking, playing, or roaming in the nature where you cannot take your puppy. The portable dog fence will contain your puppy safely while you are out. You can get back and take your dog out to let him play again.

The lightweight design makes it a perfect choice:

If you are thinking that you will have to buy a heavy metal cage to contain your puppy, stop thinking like that. The portable dog fence can be available with quite a lightweight design. It will be an easy to assemble cage that you can assemble within a few minutes. In addition, the enclosure material will not harm your puppy. The puppy may like to refuse stay in the enclosure and he may bite the walls of the enclosure, but it will never affect his health. Your puppy will remain safe and calm inside it.

Get it online at the best prices:

If you want to buy one of the best portable dog fences, which is lightweight and durable, go online and search for the best options. Several brands are producing and selling high-quality puppy enclosures, which are spacious enough to contain adult dogs also. You will pay a very reasonable price and get the best product delivered to your home.

The puppy will not find it entertaining to get closed in an enclosure. You will have to offer him some treats so that he can get lured to stay inside the enclosure. You should also keep him with his favorite toys so that he won’t bark and enjoy his time in the enclosure.

More at: www.the-hunting-dog.com/portable-dog-fence/

Natural flea control for dogs

As a dog lover you might know that flea control is a common issue among dog owners. Common flea control involves a lot of chemicals that are bad for your health, for your dog’s health and for the environment.

So, today I am going to present some natural ways to get rid of them and keep them under control.

The most important thing when it comes to flea control is that it takes patience and consistency. A lot of people don’t want to invest that much time and effort into it, but let me tell you that its totally worth it. Once you get it under control its easy.

The main thing you want to do is to wash your dog regularly. If you can, get a dog shampoo that has things like lavender, rosemary or any kind of essential oils that are natural in it. You also want to make sure that you comb your dog with a flea comb, to check for fleas and them pick any that you find of your dog.

Another great thing you can do to keep fleas under control is to get a natural flea spray. Just make a visit to your local pet shop and they should be able to recommend a good product. Most of the dogs don’t really like the smell of this kind of sprays, but I found it to be very effective. I recommend using it at least once a week or so.

One of the well-known ways to control fleas is to use Diatomaceous Earth which is a really fine powder made of up sharp shells which you won’t be able to feel to your skin, but all the little pieces are going to cut the fleas. You can sprinkle this right on to your dog’s coat and you can also sprinkle it all over your house. In fact, that’s what is mainly recommended. It kind of looks like a baby powder and seems to get a little messy, but it’s white and brushes right in. You can leave it for a day or two and them vacuum it up and get rid of all the dust. However, you should be careful not to ingest to much of it as it could hurt your lungs. So, try to keep your distance while sprinkling it or wear a mask.

When you’re out in the park or at a picnic with your friends you can reduce your dog’s chances of getting fleas by using a containment solution such as an outdoor dog pen. Dog pens come in different size and shapes, so you can choose a bigger one, place it in a safe area and still give your puppy enough space to play and run around.

Another thing you want to do for maintenance is to add some garlic into your dog’s diet. Take into account that dogs can be sensitive to garlic though, so you don’t want to give them too much. There are a lot of products out there that contain garlic tables which you can just give your dog as a treat, so it’s pretty easy.

Lastly, your dog every once in a while is going to have fleas and the fleas are going to bite, then those bites are going to itch, so you want to have something that will reduce the discomfort of your dog. Typically moisturizing products work great for this.

I hope this tips will help you and your dog to keep fleas under control. Have fun!

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How To Volunteer With Your Dog

You know that animals have a way of healing and helping humans, especially dogs. There are many different ways you can volunteer with your pup. Consider your dog’s personality and what time of environment they can volunteer in before choosing the best organization for you both. Common places to volunteer include nursing homes, children hospitals, schools and local/city clubs. Before you get started ask yourself a few questions.

Questions:Answer these questions about your dog can help you decide which route you want to take your pup for volunteering:

  • Does your dog like children?
  • Does your dog like large or small groups?
  • Does your dog get along with other dogs?
  • How does your dog react around strange and unfamiliar noises?
  • Does your dog like to be pet?
  • How does your dog do in new environments?
  • What are you dogs strengths?
  • What are your dog’s weaknesses?
  • How long can your dog keep its attention on a task?

Questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do you have the time each month?
  • Are you willing to attend training sessions?
  • Are you patient enough to sit for a few hours?
  • Can you handle your dog on and off the leash?
  • Are you comfortable in unfamiliar situations and environments?
  • Are you a people person?
  • Are you able to express gently to someone how to handle your dog?

Once you have chosen the best route for you and your dog contact the organization you wish to volunteer with and speak to them about their different options. Places like hospitals and nursing homes require that your dog go through a temperament test and physical tests to ensure your dog is capable of being in that environment. Some locations have a list of breeds that they do not allow in their facilities, be sure to ask about this list. You can expect the tests to include intensive interacting to figure out if your dog will ultimately be a benefit and safe in the given environment. Once you have passed all the tests, it’s time to commit your time. If you plan on volunteering be sure that you can continually volunteer with your dog. In most cases, the volunteer dogs find much joy out of it and become accustomed to it. So be sure to always allow time in your life to volunteer.

Volunteering is not only helping your dog, the person in need but it helps you. Volunteering is an amazing journey to take with your dog and for yourself. Enjoy it and embrace the changes that it comes with!