Purchasing a Modern Dog Fence

The biggest responsibility of taking care of a dog is sheltering it from stumbling into harm’s way. This is accomplished by restricting a dog’s movement to safe places where they are unlikely to get into a mishap. Otherwise, a dog’s curiosity is likely to place it in a dangerous place or situation. Even well trained dogs are sometimes goaded into doing something improper like sprinting across a road to chase after a speedy rabbit. It is for this reason that purchasing a dog fence is necessary to ensure your dog’s well-being and safety.
Wooden fences have traditionally been used to contain overactive dogs from running off into nowhere. The problem with this is that it lends a dog the opportunity to dig himself out of confinement. Really large dogs might even try to jump the fence altogether. To circumvent this annoying problem, several innovative solutions have been developed. One of the most prominent of these is the electric fence.

Electric fences rely on buried wire around your home to serve as a dog monitor. As your dog approaches the wire’s perimeter, they are suddenly zapped with an electronic shock that signals him or her to immediately turn around. Electric fences do require training from a professional though. Otherwise, an extremely large dog may just ignore the shock and keep on going about his business. When you purchase an electric fence, a professional trainer will typically come to your home and condition your dog to react to the signals appropriately.

Some of the more popular electric fence brands include:

Invisible Fence

Invisible Fence offers both indoor and outdoor pet confinement. They come out to your home, conduct a free consultation, and then perform a professional installation. Surveillance transmitters are installed in various spots in your home, and then in a square perimeter around your home. Whenever your dog approaches a spot inside (e.g. your bed), it is shocked and sent away. The same goes for the outside of your home. Unfortunately, Invisible fence does not offer professional training. But they do sell a ‘Pet Training Protocol’ solution that comes with a remote control and instructions on how to train your dog. The training solution is sold separately from the fence.

Pet Stop

This company provides customizable indoor and outdoor solutions. Collars, transmitters, and batteries are all sold separately, but can be tailored into discounted packages depending on the dealer. They also offer free one-day professional training. Afterwards, you are given instructions on how to continue the training. If you encounter any problems though, you are allowed continued access to their trainers.

Invisible Electric Dog Fence

This company provides no consultation or installation. However, a fence can be obtained at a relatively inexpensive price (compared to competitors). They offer both outside and indoor electronic fences.

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